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One. A Trip Through Amazon’s First Physical Store. LOLOLOLOLOL I still can’t believe Amazon had the gall to open a physical location in Seattle after pooping on small business all over the country. Now, Amazon is opening a second “bookstore” (quotation marks because absurdity!) in California.

TwoHow To Find Queer Books.  Danika Ellis runs a blogging collective called The Lesbrary (yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds) where she and other book bloggers review LGBTQ books, both fiction and non-fiction. At Book Riot, Ellis suggests ways to find books with queer themes, characters and representation. I wish I’d had this before I started working in a bookstore! I had the hardest time finding well-written books with LGBTQ characters.

Three. And on that note: Books I Wish I’d Read As An LGBTQ Teenager features selections from a great variety of authors from many different genres: poetry, young adult fantasy, memoir, literary fiction…

Four. “To be a spy is to permanently relinquish authorial agency in order to become the protagonist of a highly interesting plot.” In MFA vs. CIAan aspiring writer debates between—you guessed it—pursuing a career as a novelist or becoming a spy.

Five. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead. The Millions alerted me that the complete archive of Oz Magazine, “sometimes called the most controversial magazine of the sixties” is available for free. I’m intrigued!

Six. ‘This Did Something Powerful to Me’: Authors’ Favorite First Lines of Books. 

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