Every Tuesday, I round up six stories about literature, writing, the world of publishing—stuff that might interest you folks who haunt the website of a bookstore. Welcome to Six @ Six!

One. One of the Iguana’s favorite books, Dietland by Sarai Walker, is going to be in paperback soon! Dietland is a novel about a woman named Plum and a secret feminist society intent on taking down the media empire encouraging women to look a certain way, no matter the cost. Check out the book trailer, starring the hilarious author and comedian Sara Benincasa.

Two. Charlotte Bronte sported some very cute shoes, IMO.

Three. I haven’t thanked my socks or folded my shirts so they stand on their own, yet I’ve still spent a fair amount of time reading about Marie Kondo and her organization disciples and detractors. At LitHub, Summer Brennan implements Kondo’s philosophy and tackles her massive book collection.

Four. At Autostraddle, Tovah compiled a syllabus of diverse, important works of “crip lit”—memoir, poetry, drama and novels that center the identities and experiences of folks with disabilities.

Five. Since it’s graduation season, here’s a powerful commencement address by fantasy author and all-around badass Ursula K. LeGuin.

Six. Meg Murray from A Wrinkle in Time and Candy Quackenbush from Abarat: these are just two of my favorite fictional women. I love them because they go on adventures, even when they’re scared; their adventures impact time and space; and they have a coterie of family or friends that have their backs. Other writerly-and-readerly ladies share their favorites here: Required Reading: 50 Fictional Women We’re Obsessed With.

Photo: Shawn Nystrand