Welcome to Six @ Six, a new feature on Curious Iguana dot com. Every Tuesday evening, we’ll supply you with six stories (interviews, listicles, short stories, etc.) to fuel your reading habit. Read them over dinner or at work the next day. Or savor one every day, like a box of treats from The Perfect Truffle. We won’t judge. 

If you’ve visited our store recently, American Housewife may’ve caught your eye. It’s a book of short stories by Helen Ellis (semi-pro poker player, MFA and former fashion assistant) with a cover featuring a bespectacled, haute young lady. Read an interview with Ellis at The Rumpus and pick up her weird, wonderful collection today.

Gamut Magazine (“neo-noir, speculative, literary fiction”) is crowdfunding its website + subscription platform, with lots of cool lit rewards.

Rachel Cantor w/ a short interview about her latest book, Good on Paper (available at CI).

Get a good look at a beautiful hand-painted map of the geography of A Wrinkle in Time, from Plotted: A Literary Atlas by Andrew DeGraff (available at CI).

Children’s literature has a racist past.

The Los Angeles Times predicts six bookish trends for 2016.

Photo by David Blackwell