Every Tuesday, I round up six stories about literature, writing, the world of publishing—stuff that might interest you folks who haunt the website of a bookstore. Welcome to Six @ Six!

One.  Happy 100th Birthday, Beverly Cleary! The acclaimed author brought us Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins and other childhood heroes.

Two. America’s First All-Romance Bookstore, The Ripped Bodice, Opens in California. It’s run by two 20something sisters and it’s already thriving.

Three. “Why Do Cats Love Bookstores?” muses Jason Diamond. Follow up with this series of adorable pictures of cats in their natural bookish habitats.

Four. Want to travel to Scotland and run a bookstore while you’re there? You can!

Five. What do you do with the books your ex left behind?

I asked a friend once about returning some books to an ex, and she said no, you must keep them; then I asked about tearing out the inscriptions, and she said no, again; they are all talisman, she told me, and so they would have their power even if I threw away their inscriptions. She was right. Whether or not I ever open the page, I know the words are there, and even if I had torn them out, I would still remember what they said.

Six. And your good news of the day: Librarians on bikes are delivering books and WiFi to kids in “book deserts.”

Photo: Kent Kanouse